It is time for a renewal of ornamental architecture. Inspired by the Amsterdam School style, with roof tiles on the upper part of outer walls, Freek expands their range even further.


Façade skin is designed to cover entire buildings – roofs and walls alike. Next to a visual makeover, they also offer a solution for damp walls which is an ever more occurring problem in the wet and getting moister environment of the Netherlands: the curved shape allows a natural flow of air below them, and the glazed surface effectively directs the rain down. 


By creating a skin-like texture buildings can have a more dynamic and interesting appearance, the texture derives from a microscopic view of butterfly wings. The material and production process are age-old, by applying subtle differences Freek was able to create a fluent and dynamic surface. The tiles are made at the Wienerberger ceramic factory in Freek’s home village of Tegelen.



Photograph: Nicole Marnati